About Me

Hello, friends out there!!! My name is Indrani and welcome to my Blog. I am an Architect by profession and was living my life like taking each day as it comes. Like every other individual, I also have some hobbies like listening to music, playing sports, watching movies, and also being a foodie.

Apart from being a professional, I recently thought of becoming a part-time blogger. And what better than writing a blog on movies for a filmy girl like me. Watching movies has always given me immense pleasure and I know all you people reading this are also movie lovers. It’s not that I have watched each and every movie that has come my way but I will make sure whatever I have watched I will bring on the information through my blog to all the movie lovers out there. Entertainment is needed by one and all. And we all are well aware that films entertain us in a way no other medium does.

Films make our dream and we live that dream through films only. Film and music bring joy happiness and peace to our soul. Film as art goes directly to our feelings and touches our souls. Films have numerous aspects to them that make them a valuable work of art. And this is what provoked me to start a movie blog.

My aim of this blog will be to give recommendations and bring up to you the best of movies you should definitely watch in different genres, some favorite picks of mine based on actors directors, and some evergreen classic movies and all of these straight from my heart. This platform will be beneficial to those who don’t have much time for movies so they can get a quick preview of what to watch and don’t miss out on classic ones and definitely a treat for all movie lovers!!!!